My Passion for Photography

Devin G.

This weeks blog post was written by Devin G., a Bucktails Alumni! He gives us some tips on how to take a better photo, and includes some great pictures he took as reference!

I have been interested in photography for many years, and I have always been especially fascinated by taking pictures of animals. Some of my favorite places to take pictures are at zoos and aquariums, where there are great opportunities to get close to the subject. In this post, I am writing some tips that can help you take great photos anywhere you go.

Using a short shutter speed, I was able to catch this gull as it took off.

1) The Rule of Thirds: When looking at the image imagine two horizontal and two vertical lines. You should place the subject of the photo at an intersection of those lines. When using the rule of thirds, you cause the viewers’ eyes to wander the image. An exception to the rule of thirds is when you are trying to take a symmetrical picture.

2) Choose the correct Shutter Speed: If you are using automatic settings, you can change your shutter speed in order to add or remove movement from your pictures. Shutter speed is expressed by seconds and fractions of a second. The bigger the number the longer the shutter is open and the more movement is allowed in the photo. A rule of thumb that I learned is that you should try not to use a shutter speed larger than 1/(the length of your lens) without also using a tripod. 3) Experiment: Be creative with your photos; try something new. You don’t need the best equipment to take great pictures.

By fiddling around with the shutter speed and aperture, I was able to take a much better picture.

By experimenting with different exposures, ISO and shutter speeds, you can create amazing effects. Hopefully, this post will help you take better pictures or become more interested in photography.

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