Outreach Highlight: Cultivating Conservation Leadership

In the months following the summer field school season, the Academy asks students to conduct outreach projects in their local communities to share and expand on what they have learned at field school. This outreach commitment is part of what makes the Wildlife Leadership Academy program unique as it encourages students to learn new things, mentor others, and engage the public. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Savannah G., a Brookies alum whose outreach efforts since attending our field school last summer include guiding her family on outdoor adventures as well as taking on a leadership role in her school’s Horticulture Club.

Savannah’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is evident in the outreach activities she has undertaken since her time at field school. From teaching her family and grandparents the art of fly fishing to organizing hiking trips and visiting natural wonders like the New River Gorge, Savannah has become a catalyst for outdoor exploration within her own circle.

However, Savannah’s commitment extends beyond recreational outings. As a member of the Horticulture Club, she has taken on various leadership roles, including serving as the Head of Planting and Watering. From recruiting students during Freshman Orientation to planning club meetings and activities, Savannah’s efforts have been instrumental in driving the club’s success.

Lily and Savannah recruiting new Horticulture Club members at a freshman orientation event.

One of Savannah’s standout contributions to the Horticulture Club has been her initiative to compile a comprehensive document filled with valuable information the about plants the Horticulture Club is growing. Her hands-on involvement in activities such as crafting wreaths and preparing for plant sales showcases her passion for horticulture and her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get involved.

Outside of the club, Savannah has also been actively engaged in educational outreach efforts. Teaming up with another WLA alum Lily G., she made a captivating slideshow presentation sharing their field school experience with a middle school audience and their teachers. Who knows, maybe they inspired a future Conservation Ambassador!

Savannah and Lily sharing their WLA experience with a class of middle school students.

As Savannah continues to lead by example and inspire others, we are filled with pride of her outstanding outreach achievements. The class of 2023 Conservation Ambassadors have made remarkable strides in the past year as they engaged their home communities. We are eager to share more of these inspiring outreach stories with you soon!

The photos used in this blog belong to Savannah G., a Brookies alum.