Saving the World

This week’s blog was written by Sinclaire O, a Bucktails alumni. She writes about how even the smallest actions can make an impact.

As kids we would see the superhero comics of courageous people going out and fighting the bad monsters the were hurting civilization. I always thought that would be cool to be me one day, going out to help save the world. I knew as I got older that the big bad monsters didn’t exist in the form they were portrayed in; however, they took on a more realistic light. Those monsters are what we see hurting society through global health crises, human rights, environmental changes, and so much more. It is our time to fight and take down these monsters that impact us greatly.

My outreach and PIF Snack Stand table teaching the community about my project while fundraising for WLA

It doesn’t take much to help save the world, little by little. Maybe it is getting involved with a club whose mission is to help its community or by volunteering at a local non profit agency whose goal is to give back, being there to help isn’t hard to do. There is always someone or something that needs our help. If we make ourselves available, we can be the superheroes who save the world. So if you are ready, put on that big red cape and go make a difference.

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