The Blossoming of Spring

This week’s blog was written by Micaela J., a Bucktails alumni. Micaela is interested in pursuing a career in engineering, although she hasn’t decided what type of engineering she would like to go into yet. Last summer Micaela attended Northampton County Junior Conservation School which sparked her interest in the environment and how we impact it. That program led her to learn about the Wildlife Leadership Academy, which she soon wanted to attend because of its focus on conservation and learning about the plants and animals in our environment.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it is a sure sign of the start of spring. The snow on the ground from past storms begins to melt day by day as the green grass tips slowly emerge. The tree buds and flowers around my house start to bloom, brightening my day with splashes of rejuvenating color. The Lenten Roses and the Snowdrops have begun to bloom. As the greys and browns fade away, colors of greens and pastels fill the landscape. Trees begin to bud, filling the canopy with shades of green and yellow.

The scent of lilacs fills the air
Cherry blossoms sway in the spring breeze
The beauty of spring

Spring inspires me to spend more time exploring outdoors. I’ve become restless over the long winter. With the beautiful weather, I decided to go on a walk down my street. I look up to the sky, admiring its vibrant baby blue color, scattered with fluffy clouds playing charades in the sky. I can feel a gentle breeze guiding me forward on my walk, bringing me back down to earth. As I walk next to the trees lining the road, I can feel the warm sunlight tapping at my skin, as the shadows of the trees provide a temporary coolness from the heat of the sun. Walking down the street I can smell the sweetness of the Honeysuckle that borders the woods. A light pink color on a tree ahead of me catches my eye. As I approach the tree I reach my arm up to feel the softness of the pink, blooming petals. Continuing my walk I can feel my breath steadying, as I begin to take in the relaxing beauty of the nature around me.

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