Transition to Spring

This week’s blog was written by Grace H., a Bucktails alumni. Grace is interested in studying mathematics and international diplomacy. Attending the Wildlife Leadership Academy was an experience that allowed her to develop an understanding of ecology from an environmental lens.

The winter months are another frequent excuse to ignore nature. With the melted snow on the dead grass and the midnight-like fluorescence in the air at 5 PM, feeling slightly lower than normal in the winter is natural. The glumness of winter can make us want to do nothing less than spend any more time outside than necessary.

Summer sunset

However with the clocks changing and the daffodils preparing to bloom, it is no longer the season to make excuses to isolate from nature. It is time to become one with the earth. It is difficult to be in nature and feel negative about it. The hardest part of embracing the outdoors is the motivation of leaving our elements of comfort and committing to making time for nature to be a part of our lives. An easy way to force yourself to go outside is to do the tasks you were planning on working on in your room or study in a unique outdoor setting. Changing your environment will allow you to associate the tasks you need to get done with the peace of nature. Permitting yourself to embrace a change in scenery could even unlock new levels of productivity. As beautiful paths replace treadmills and the shaded lee of trees replace desks the best is yet to come.

The photo used in this blog belongs to the author.