What a Star

This week’s blog was written by Sam P., an Ursids alumni. Sam attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy because he dreams of becoming a game warden. Sam loves to be outdoors and love all things in it. He is an Eagle Scout as well, with which he really enjoys camping, biking, hiking, and absolutely loves kayaking. In school Sam is active in Envirothon, the golf team, rifle team, and tennis team. He is also involved in marching band and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Through WLA, Sam has learned countless new leadership skills to get the public interested in the outdoors and he looks forward to doing so as long as he is able.

“Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” The famous nursery rhyme really comes into play this time of the year. With the days becoming longer and the temperatures getting warmer, it’s a nice time to enjoy the night sky. I always enjoy stargazing in the spring/early summer. The mesmerizing sight of thousands of little lights in the sky. Now especially, is a perfect time to see Venus and Jupiter up in the sky. I am always sent into a state of awe when looking at the night sky. Gazing upon the horizon seeing constellations and vibrant planets. A hike in the moonlight is always an enjoyable task. It’s a time to look up and remember all that is around you. You are the best planet of them all, you are in the most unique environments, and you are part of something a lot bigger than yourself.

What all constellations can you pick out?
Crimson Night

Upon stargazing I often look and hear for bats and owls and other nocturnal critters, from a safe distance that is, to see what this whole other world has in store. Once the stars come out and we go to sleep, there is still a whole wild world right outside. So, if you find some time, or just do it from inside, take a look up and think about that beautiful world all around. Both day and night, you are on the most amazing planet ever. And the wish I wish tonight: thank you all, and have a good night.