A Day at the Preserve

This week’s blog was written by Allie F., a Bucktails alumni. Allie is a high school sophomore who plans to pursue a career in medicine. She decided to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy due to her interest in biology and nature. In her spare time, she enjoys music, dance, and hunting.

While the pandemic has made it difficult to participate in my normal activities, I have attempted to find other ways to spend my time. One of these methods that I found was visiting the Montour Preserve. Its extensive list of outdoor activities gives an interesting way to spend a day, while being able to learn more about the nature around me.

Sunset over Lake Chillisquaque

Montour Preserve houses a large variety of habitats and ecosystems, including forests, ponds, fields, streams, wetlands, and a large lake. It spans over one thousand acres and has many activities that intrigue and attract the public. The preserve offers boating, fishing, and ice fishing on Lake Chillisquaque. It also has hiking and walking trails that cover more than 12 miles. The trails lead through the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake and allows access to seasonal activities, such as cross-country skiing. The preserve also offers more unique and engaging activities that would especially appeal to young children. There is an acre-large fossil pit where families can look for small, fossilized animals that are able to be taken home and kept.

Bridge over creek at Montour Preserve

In addition to the expansive outdoor lands, Montour Preserve offers a Visitor’s Center that showcases the natural wildlife and history of the preserve. They have a collection of taxidermized animals that are native to the area, as well as information about them. They include animals such as eagles, fish, otters, racoons, and even a bear cub. These animals are used to inform and teach the public about nature, and how it survives. The preserve gives presentations at the Visitor’s Center as well, like offering the Hunter’s Safety Course.

Taxidermized Raccoons with corresponding information
Bald Eagle in Visitor’s Center

I greatly enjoy visiting the Montour Preserve and find it very educational and fun. I like to be able to photograph the beautiful surroundings, as well as learn about the different animals that reside there.

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.