Happy Fall Y’all

This week’s blog was written by Sam P., an Ursids alumni. Sam attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy because he dreams of becoming a game warden. Sam loves to be outdoors and love all things in it. He is an Eagle Scout as well, with which he really enjoys camping, biking, hiking, and absolutely loves kayaking. In school Sam is active in Envirothon, the golf team, rifle team, and tennis team. He is also involved in marching band and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Through WLA, Sam has learned countless new leadership skills to get the public interested in the outdoors and he looks forward to doing so as long as he is able.

Who doesn’t love fall? The season of pumpkin spice, beautiful leaves, and the colder days. Yep though some may disagree in the colder days, but it really is an enjoyable time to be outside. Personally, I love the autumn leaves. During this time there is nothing more stunning than taking a drive along a mountain and seeing nature’s painting before your very eyes.

Colors, colors, everywhere, but not one leaf the same as another
Uniqueness stands out above all others
The rise of the Red
Softly FALLs the Light of Day

Did you know that the colors you see in the fall were in the leaves the entire time? Chlorophyll is what gives leaves their green color, it helps break down sunlight and mostly absorbs green light, hence the green color. But when the later months arrive, the days grow shorter, therefore less sunlight for this pigment in the leaves to absorb. With this action taking place chlorophyll production slows down and stops until all of it is destroyed. This is when it gets cool, with the green pigment gone the other pigments that are in the leaves are unmasked and show off their vibrant colors. Another unique aspect of this beautiful, mysterious, and amazing world of ours. So next time you look at those vibrant leaves in the fall, try and wrap your head around all that makes those leaves change color. Amazing!

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.