January Student of the Month -Claire C.

Claire stands smiling on her porch, holding her acceptance certificate to the Wildlife Leadership Academy, which reads "Welcome to the team!"

Our January student of the month is Claire Conti, a Bucktails alumni! Claire plans to pursue conservation as a career, specifically as a park ranger. She was thrilled to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy, furthering her education in the sciences.

Claire has been working on a variety of outreach projects in her community since her attendance at the field school. She has been practicing the photography skills she learned by taking lots of nature photos, and is one of our Photo Friday Specialists!

Claire has also been finding projects to enhance the community’s landscapes and natural areas. She participated in a project, along with State Senator Lindsey Williams and Sharpsburg Mayor Matthew Rudzki, helping to plant trees in the local park. She participated in a special service project during Earth Day, where the community came together to help clean trash along roadsides. Claire’s understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy habitats – and sharing that message with others, encouraging them to get involved – is part of what makes her a great Conservation Ambassador!

Group photo of Claire with other volunteers, all persons masked and standing with tools used to plant trees.  Saplings that have already been planted are in the background.

Claire is currently participating in our student-driven Pay It Forward fundraising program. In her own words, “Paying it forward is so important to me, because I think that every kid should be able to reach their goals, no matter who they are. Conservation is our only future, no matter how you slice it. The more youth we have fighting, the better chance we have to win.”

You can check out her fundraising website by clicking here – where you can see she is very close to meeting her goal!!!

Claire is an outstanding community member and conservation ambassador, and we have no doubt that she will accomplish any goal she sets for herself. We are proud to have Claire as a member of our Academy family, and are excited to watch her future unfold!