March Student of the Month – Devin Gearhart

Devin G.

Our student of the month for March is Devin Gearhart, a Bucktails alumni. Devin has been very active in his outreach since the field school last summer – he has been an excellent mentor for youth in his community, teaching younger scouts in his troop a variety of skills, such as knot tying, watercraft safety, and plant and animal identification.

Devin has taken other scouts to local state parks on a camping trip, and used his trifold display from field school as an educational tool to teach about white-tail deer. He is also a Monthly Blog Correspondent, and has written a number of excellent blogs.

Click here to read Devin’s blog about the importance of National Parks!

Click here to read Devin’s blog about the Crayfish Corps!

Devin featured with the Crayfish Corps – Devin is on the end, on the right.

Devin also recently had the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Wildlife Society’s annual meeting, since he turned his outreach record book in for the Early Bird check-in date. While at the meeting, Devin and other alumni presented their trifolds to chapter members, discussing what they learned and answering questions. The students were judged by a panel of Society members, and Devin was awarded the Top Trifold for the day!

Devin and the other Early Bird students attending the Wildlife Society meeting and presenting their trifolds.

Devin has worked hard on his outreach through the year, and is an excellent exampled of a true Conservation Ambassador – taking what he learned at field school, as well as his own outdoor and conservation knowledge, and sharing it with the members of his community. We are proud of Devin’s many accomplishments, and know he will continue to be a mentor, educator, and Ambassador in the future! Congratulations, Devin!