Saying Thank You

Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe.  You open the door through gratitude.  -Deepak Chopra

Throughout all of our field schools, we have had many professionals from the field come in and share their expertise and knowledge with us.  When someone takes the time to volunteer their skills and abilities, it is a wonderful gesture on our part to thank them for doing so.

I would LOVE to see thank yous from each and every student who attended field school go to our biggest supporters – the PA Game Commission, the PA Fish and Boat Commission, the Ruffed Grouse Society, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Remember – a little bit of thanks goes a long way!  We appreciate everything our supporters do to make our field schools a valuable and memorable experience, and we hope you do, too!  You can write them a little note, a card, or a letter – share your favorite memory from camp or the most interesting thing you learned.  I know they will appreciate hearing from you!



Mailing Information for each group:

PA Game Commission:

Bryan Burhans, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Game Commission
2001 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA    17110


PA Fish and Boat Commission:

John A. Arway, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
P.O. Box 67000
1601 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA    17106


The Ruffed Grouse Society:

John B. Eichinger
Ruffed Grouse Society
451 McCormick Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108


National Wild Turkey Federation:

Ralph Martone
PA Chapter, National Wild Turkey Federation
1937 Bell Run Road
Grampian, PA 16838