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Not Just Ani Old Bird

Zara is a monthly blog correspondent and Drummers alumni. This week, she recounts travelling to Florida with her family to spot the rare Groove Billed Ani; read on to hear about her unique experience!

Roads Take a Toll on Wildlife

With the weather warming up, stay alert on the roads! This week’s blogpost is written by Hannah, a Bucktails and Drummers alumna. Hannah gives some insight on recent research conducted on roadkill and how to decrease the amount of road kill. Read on to learn more!

An Odd Bite

This week’s blog post is written by Mitch, a monthly correspondent and Drummer’s alumnus. Mitch dives into the mysterious reasons why the fish in his pond are acting very strange… Check out his ideas!

The Winter of the Monarch

This week’s blog is written by Hannah, a monthly blog correspondent, and Bucktails and Drummers alumni and ATL. She has worked hard to establish an officially recognized monarch waystation at her local high school, so it’s no surprise that even though it’s winter, Hannah has plenty of info to share with us about these gorgeous little insects!

Monarchs of Western Pennsylvania

Cecilia is one of our Drummers alumni, and wrote us this blog post about the monarch butterflies she and her family find on her farm. There have been a few changes she has noticed over the years, and she shares her hypotheses with us…things to think about as we perhaps dream of warmer weather during these winter months!