Beautiful Brookies

Jacob D.

This weeks blog post was written by Jacob D., a Brookies Alumni! He describes Brookies, also known as the Native Brook Trout.

Native Brook trout are only found in a few select streams in Pennsylvania. They require cold clean water to survive. Brookies eat many things including macroinvertebrates, terrestrial invertebrates, minnows, salamanders, crayfish, and even other Brook Trout.

A waterfall helps oxygenate the stream and creates a deep pool

I love to fish for Native Brook Trout because it means going to beautiful places to catch beautiful fish. By the time autumn comes around brookies become very colorful as they prepare to spawn. Orange, yellow, and red leaves decorate the rocky stream while the Eastern Hemlocks still stand tall, watching over the stream and those who call it home.

This combined with the brookies in the water makes a native Brook Trout stream a beautiful place to visit in fall. If you can’t make it to a stream with native trout, stocked Brook Trout are readily available. Though it can’t compare to visiting the beautiful brookies in the streams they call home.

This Brook Trout took a worm

All photos belong to the author.