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Fishing at Shaggers

This week’s blog was written by Kierra O., a Gobblers alumni. Kierra hopes to pursue my career as a veterinarian. She attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy to see if she wanted specialize in wildlife veterinary care. Kierra has always been in the woods growing up and she knew that this camp was something that she was going to enjoy. Kierra takes interest in hunting, fishing, hiking, and multiple other outdoor activities.

Not Your Grandma’s Composter

This week’s blog is a guest post written by Nathan C., a Drummers and Gobblers alumni. Nathan is currently studying engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Now and in the future, he hopes to work with others to create more sustainable technologies and perspectives. Whether that be in photovoltaic cell manufacturing, vertical farming, energy storage development, or something else ultimately remains to be determined. Nathan enjoys fishing, gardening, cardio, and taking naps. He came to the WLA first as a student and then twice as a volunteer to get closer to that which I hope to help preserve.

Earth Through My Eyes

This week’s blog was written by Jacob K., a Gobblers alumni. Jacob is a rising junior at West Virginia University. He is currently pursuing a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources with a focus on wildlife. Jacob plans on becoming a wildlife biologist and hopefully studying owls in the near future. He wanted to attend the academy because he had always wanted to take a deeper dive into