The Forgotten Fish

This week’s blog was written by Lily S., a Bass alumni. Lily wanted to attend the academy because she wanted to learn more about the careers involved and more about the environment. She loves to spend time outdoors riding her bike, fishing, and hunting.

When you go and grab your rod and gear and head out to the stream or lake you’re probably thinking of catching a giant bass or trout. However, you’re probably not thinking of catching one fish and that is the rock bass.

A rock bass caught in the first fork of the Sinnemahoning.

Rock bass are found throughout the state of Pennsylvania in many lakes, rivers, and streams that have slower currents. They hang around submerged logs, brush, rocks, and vegetation. Many times you will find rock bass hiding under structure waiting for their next meal.

My favorite lures for rock bass.

When fishing for rock bass I have found that small crayfish work the best. If you are unable to find crayfish there are many lures that work just as well. One of my favorites is a white or olive-colored marabou jig. When fishing this jig it’s best to hop it along the bottom of the water you are fishing or jig it in place in front of a structure. Another one of my favorites is the Rebel Teeny Wee Crayfish by Rebel and the Z-Man TRD Hogz.

Average size of a rock bass.

Next time you head out on the water change it up and go fish for some rock bass.Trust me you won’t regret it.

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.