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Winter Tracks

When I travel into the great outdoors this time of year, an overwhelming blanket of snow hangs over the landscape. On a recent trip to my cabin I found myself appointed to the task of navigating through twenty… Read More

Orb Weaver

This orb weaver was almost an inch long and made its home on my back porch around the side door of my house. It would destroy its gigantic web and make a new web every night in a different spot…. Read More

The American Black Bear

…hopefully a name that doesn’t impose fear upon those who hear it. Unfortunately, this beautiful animal is misunderstood by some members of the public. However, my exposure to this species has been nothing but positive. When I think of black… Read More

Carousel Breeze

Where I stood at my station, awaiting my ride I listened to the sounds of a carousel breeze Twas a brisk winter day, the air full of chill The clicking of the leaves on the pavement still With horse-like grace… Read More

Pennsylvania Elk

The famous breeding season for these massive mammals has just concluded. Now they will remain in their harems of about 15-20 animals throughout the winter. If you wish to view these amazing animals, the elk range in Pennsylvania… Read More