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Keystone Coldwater Conference

Everyone should believe in something…I believe I’ll go fishing!


Keystone Coldwater1
Logan and Jon during the trifold Q&A session!

At the Keystone Coldwater Conference, you will have the unique opportunity to network with professionals and college students, and experience a professional conference firsthand.  The conference date is February 27, 2016, and the Conference will be held at the Ramada Inn at State College, PA.

Students will meet up at the Ramada with myself and/or Michele, and bring their tri-fold presentations – you will have the opportunity to put your trifolds on display.  We first eat lunch, and then set up your tri-fold displays.  During a question/answer period, professionals and students from the conference are free to speak with you about your trifolds and ask you questions.  They love hearing about your topics and about your experience at field school!

Keystone Coldwater2
Sarah and Nick with their tri-folds, answering questions

After everyone is done chatting with you, we will have some time to attend the research presentations – this is where you get to experience current research and see what’s going on in the world of coldwater fisheries right now!  You’ll learn about current technology being used in the field, research being conducted in waterways, and more.

To learn more about the Keystone Coldwater Conference, you can visit their webpage here:  http://www.coldwaterconference.com/

All you have to do to snag an invite to this awesome experience is send me your record book with at least ONE outreach project in it by the Early Bird Deadline – November 15th.  If you have any questions, you can call/text me at (570) 939-5109, or email me at kcassidy@wildlifeleadershipacademy.org.