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Tag: nature observation

The Adams County Red Heads

Written by Eli, one of our Monthly Youth Correspondents, this blog talks about the gorgeous red headed birds that can be found in Adams County – the Red-headed Woodpecker!

Snake Catcher

Mitch, one of our Monthly Correspondents and a PA Drummer, writes about his adventures on the Juniata River. He saw a black snake making its way across the water and decided to investigate the situation further:

Snail Run

This post is written by Grace, a Brookie, and one of our Youth Blog Correspondents. She went for a run one morning and stopped to appreciate some of nature’s tiniest creatures making their way across her path.

The Life of a Minnesota Lake

This post comes to us from Freya, a Bucktails and Ursids alumni, and one of our Youth Blog Correspondents. ¬†She writes about the formation of the many lakes of Minnesota, which give the state its nickname, “the Lake… Read More

The Sacred Grove

Cole, a PA Bucktail and Monthly Youth Blog Correspondent, writes about his trip to the Delaware Water Gap – we can all take his advice about taking some time to step back and appreciate a moment with nature…. Read More